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Paper 1
Time: 2 ½ hours

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
History and Government
Paper 1
Time: 2½ hours

Instruction to candidates
1.      This paper consists of three sections A,B and C
2.      Answer ALL questions in Section A
3.      Section B (Answer any THREE questions)
4.      Section C (Answer any TWO questions)

1)      Identify the MAIN reason why the coastal Bantu migrated from Shungwaya   (1mk)
2)      Give TWO functions of mission stations in Kenya in the 19th C.                        (2mks)
3)      State TWO ways in which one can become a Kenyan citizen.                             (2mks)
4)      Identify TWO economic activities of the Akamba during the colonial period    (2mks)
5)      One factor that facilitated contact between the Kenyan coast and the outside world by the 16th C.                                                                                                           (1mk)
6)      Why were the Portuguese able to conquer the Kenyan coast by the 16th C         (2mks)
7)      Name the document that contains the Rights of citizens in Kenya                      (1mk)
8)      State TWO methods used in conflict Resolution in Kenya                                  (2mks)
9)      Identify ONE problem that was faced by European settlers in Kenya during the colonial period.                                                                                                               (1mk)
10)  Identify TWO effects of the Devonshire white paper of 1923.                           (2mks)
11)  Identify ONE feature of colonial Education in Kenya.                                       (1mk)
12)  State TWO problems that African nationalists faced in the struggle for independence in Kenya.                                                                                                                (2mks)
13)  Identify TWO reasons why Africans refused to provide labour to European farms.                                                                                                                                    (2mks)
14)  Name TWO political associations formed in Kenya between 1919 and 1924.    (2mks)
15)   Identify ONE reason for the formation of trade unions in Kenya during the colonial period.                                                                                                         (1mk)
16)  State the main grievance of the Akamba Members Association.                         (1mk)

Answer any THREE questions
a)      State FIVE economic factors that led to the Migration of the Cushites into Kenya during the pre-colonial period              .                                                           (5mks)
b)      Describe the social organization of the Mijikenda.                                         (10mks)
a)      Identify FIVE features of early organizations in Kenya.                               (5mks)
b)      Explain the role played by women in the struggle for Independence in Kenya                                                                                                                                 (10mks)
a)      Give reasons why Nabongo collaborated with British                                   (7mks)
b)      What were the results of Nabongo’s collaboration with the British               (8mks)
a)      Explain FIVE grievances that Nationalists in Kenya had against the colonial government between 1045 and 1963.                                                               (5mks)
b)      Discuss FIVE ways through which Ronald Ngala contributed to the struggle for independence in Kenya.                                                                        .           (10mks)

Answer any TWO questions from this section
a)      State FIVE functions of a constitution in Kenya.                                          (5mks)
b)      Identify the main features of the independent constitution of Kenya.          (10mks)
a)      Identify factors that limit National unity in Kenya.                                       (5mks)
b)      State and explain FIVE elements of good citizenship in Kenya                    (10mks)
a)      Give FIVE factors that led to the establishment of urban centres in colonial Kenya.                                                                                                                       (5mks)
b)      What were the negative effects of urbanization in colonial Kenya?              (10mks)

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