2010 KCSE Music Trial P3-001

19 Sep

2010 KCSE Music Trial P3-001

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Time: 2 ½ Hours


Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E)





Time: 2 ½ Hours

Instructions to Candidates.

a)         Answer ALL the Questions in this paper.

b)         In Question 1 choose either (a) or (b)

c)         In Question 4, choose any TWO of the Questions numbered (a), (b), (c), and (d)

This paper consists of 4 printed pages.

Candidates should check the question paper to ensure that all pages are printed as indicated

and no questions are missing.


1.         a.         Either

Continue the following opening to make a melody of sixteen bars for voice, introducing dynamics and duplet; modulate to the subdominant then back to the tonic. Use sequential device and phrase your melody                                                                                                                                     (12 marks)

2010 KCSE Music Trial P3-001


b)         Using staff notation, write a melody and fit in the following words. Add phrase marks

(12 marks)

My heart is like a singing bird,

Whose nest is in a watered shoot;

My heart is like an apple tree,

Whose boughs are bent with thick set fruit.

2.         Harmonize the following melody for soprano, alto, tenor and bass (SATB). Choose appropriate

chords from the following                                                                                                      (20 marks)

I, II IV, V and VI

2010 KCSE Music Trial P3-001

3.         AFRICAN MUSIC


i.          Name the community which traditionally play orutu (1 mark)

ii.         Explain why it is possible to play different full major scales on orutu and not on litungu

(2 marks)

iii.        How is Kipkandit held and played                                                                             (2 marks)


i.          Outline four qualities of a good soloist for an African folksong                                (4 marks)

ii.         Give two examples of vocal techniques used in African folk song                            (2 marks)

c.         Chakacha is a Swahili dance

i.          For whom is it intended                                                                                              (1 mark)

ii.         What is the purpose of the dance                                                                               (1 mark)

d. Nameone Kenyan aerophone which has a reed as part of its mouth piece                         (1 mark)

4.         WESTERN MUSIC

Answer any tvo of the questions (‘a,), (b), (c) and (d)

a,         THOMAS TALLIS

i.          Give the name of a composer who worked closely with Thomas Talus         (1 mark)

ii.         For what purpose did the two composers write motets called continues sacrae?(1mk)

iii.        Outline five styles of composition which occur in Tallis works                     (5 marks)

b.         J.S. BACH

i.          State four musical duties Bach performed during his stay at Leipzig            (4 marks)

ii.         How many movements characterize Bach’s suites?                                       (1 mark)

iii.        For what purpose did Bach write ‘Goldberg variations?’                              (1 mark)

iv.        For what medium did Bach write Brandenburg concerto?                            (1 mark)


i.          During which musical period J1Schubert live?                                               (1 mark)

ii.         What type of work is Lazarus?                                                                       (I mark)

iii.        Why are Schubert’s operas not suitable as stage works                                  (1 mark)

iv.        Outline four characteristics of Schubert’s songs                                            (4 marks)


i.          Outline four experiences which influenced Bartok as a composer                 (4 marks)

ii.         Name three operas by Bartok                                                                                     (3 marks)


Kiore dance — Akamba (Musavani dancers from Mwingi District) an extract from Ngoma za Kenya PPMC production.

i.          Outline four ways showing how aerophones feature in the recording                       (4 marks)

ii.         What do you understand by the term postlude?                                                        (1 mark)

iii.        With reference to voice and instruments used, describe the postlude in the recording(5 marks)

6.         Shenandoah: American Folksong arranged by James Erb.

i)          Describe the music in terms of tempo                                                                         (3 marks)

ii.         Name the type of texture that dominate the music                                                    (1 mark)

iii         By bar number identify where word painting has been used                                                 (1 mark)

iv.        The following terms and signs have been used in the music, define any three of them (3mks)

a.         Poco                                        c.         meno f

b.         ritard                                       d.         a 3

v.         For how many voice parts is bar 32 sung.                                                                   (1mk)

vi.        Name the parts in question (v) above.                                                                        (1mk)

7.         a.         Study the music provided and answer questions that follow.

i.          Define Rondo form                                                                                        (1mk)

ii.         Who is the composer of the music?                                                                (1mk)

iii.        Write bar 12 in full                                                                                          (2mks)

iv.        Compare bars 2 and 19                                                                                   (1mk)

2010 KCSE Music Trial P3-001

b.         Define the following                                                                                                   (5 marks)

i.          Coda

ii.         Atempo

iii.        Adongo

iv,        A phrase mark

v.         Double headed membranophone

c.         Translate this melody to staff, Key F Minor, Time  6                                                (5 marks)


íl1:-:t,/d. f: m: r /se1 :-:/l1:-://

d.         i. How are music skills transmitted to the younger generation in African setting?   (3marks)

ii. Name the community that traditionally perform each of the following dances.   (2 marks)

a.         Ikuhurania

b.         Chemelilit


Download MS word version->2010 KCSE Music Trial P3-001

Download Marking Scheme MS word version->2010 KCSE Music Trial P3-001MS

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