2010 KCSE Business Trial P2-001

14 Oct

2010 KCSE Business Trial P2-001 Name…………………………………………………                      Index No. ……………………. School ………………………………………………… 565/2


Paper 2

JULY/ AUGUST 2010 Time: 2 ½ Hours 2010 KCSE Business Trial P2-001 RARIEDA DISTRICT JOINT EVALUATION TEST- 2010 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) 565/2


Paper 2

JULY/ AUGUST 2010 Time: 2 ½ Hours


  1. This paper consists of six questions.
  2. Answer any five questions.
  3. Write your answers in the answer booklet provided.
  4. All questions carry equal marks.

This paper consists of 3 printed pages. Candidates should check the question paper to ensure that all pages are printed as indicated and no questions are missing 1.         (a)       Explain five circumstance under which a partnership may be dissolved.       (10 marks) (b)        Explain five policies found under general accident ,Insurance                      (10 marks 2.         (a)        Draw a labeled diagram to illustrate the determination of price and output under Monopoly.                                                                                                       (10 marks) (b)        Highlight five purposes of taxation.                                                               (10 marks) 3.         (a)        Highlight five differences between Commercial banks and non-bank financial Institutions.                                                                                                     (10 marks) (b)        A business enterprise had the following transactions in September 2008. September 1: Bought goods at Shs. 10,000 from Baraza. September 3: Sold goods at Shs. 3,000 on credit to Kosgey. September 8: Returned goods worth Shs. 2,000 to Owino September 12: Bought goods worth Shs. 5,000 on credit from Patel Required: (i)        Record the above transactions in the required journals.                                 (7 marks) (ii)        Shows the posting from journals to ledger accounts                                      (3 marks) 4.         (a)        Explain five uses of National Income statistics                                              (10 marks) (b)        Describe five factors that determine price elasticity of demand.                               (10mks) 5.         (a)        Most firms have introduced customer care services as part of their promotion techniques. Highlight five benefits of this method to a firm. (10 marks) (b)        The table below shows the total cost of a certain produce of the given out-put levels

Out – put level Total cost
0 300
10 380
20 470
30 550
40 620
50 680
60 730
70 770
80 860
90 1080

Add columns to show the following at each level of out – put.                                 (10mks) i.          Fixed cost. ii.         Variable cost. iii.        Average variable cost. iv.        Marginal cost. 6.         (a)        Explain the roles played by Kenya Ports Authority in ensuring that sea transport.   (10mks) operate efficiently. (b)        Below is a Trial balance belonging to Mumias Traders. Mumias Traders Trial Balance as at 31/12/2004

Dr Cr
Capital 125,000
Purchases 45,000
Carriage outwards 2,000
Stock 25,000
Sales 120,000
Carriage inwards 1,200
Insurance 5,900
Salaries 12,450
Discount allowed 3,400
Debtor 25,000
Creditors 15,500
Discount received 1,950
Bank 14,500
Machinery 128,000
262,450 262,450

Additional information. v.         Closing stock Kshs. 25,000 vi.        Outstanding salaries Kshs. 450 vii.       Insurance Kshs. 900 has been paid in advance viii.      Depreciate machinery by 10% on cost – Required: – c)         Prepare Trading Profit and loss account for the period ended 31/12/2004. d)         Balance sheet as at 31/12/2004.                                                          (10 marks) Download MS versions of :

This Question paper->2010 KCSE Business Trial P2-001

Marking Scheme->2010 KCSE Business Trial P2-001M


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  1. george o. jagongo

    October 27, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    Hi! Mr. Joshua, it is my pleasure to thank you for good and knowledgeable task you are performing. Be blessed and feel comfortable and freely to us.

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  2. Dulyare Abshal

    November 5, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    Send to me the marking scheme becoz i need to learn from the internet


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