KCSE Christian Religious Education P1-001

06 Dec

KCSE CRE Rev P1-001



Time: 2 ½ hours

  • Answer any five questions.
  • Clearly indicate the number of the question you are answering.
  • Avoid breaking questions- Answer every question completely in one space.


1.         (a)        Citing relevant examples, identify seven literary forms used in the writing of the Bible  (7 mks)

(b)        With reference to the genesis stories of creation, explain eight teachings on the relationship between human beings and the environment  (8 mks)

(c)        Explain five ways in which the learning of C.R.E promotes national unity (5 mks)

2.         (a)        Describe the making of the Sinai covenant   (8 mks)

(b)        State seven conditions which God gave to the Israelites during the renewal of the Sinai covenant (7 mks)

(c)        State Five importance of the Sinai covenant to the Israelites  (5 mks)

3.         (a)        Give the importance of David as an ancestor of Jesus Christ (6 mks)

(b)        Describe how prophets Elijah fought against corruption in Israel. (1st Kings 21:1) (9 mks)

(c)        Identify five challenges faced by church leaders today.    (5 mks)

4.         (a)        Explain the importance of prophets in Israel  (7 mks)

(b)        Outline Amos’ teaching on God’s judgment upon the people of Israel (7 mks)

(c)        Explain six modern social evils which would be condemned by Amos in Kenya today (6 mks)

5.         (a)        Explain the symbolisms use during the call of prophet Jeremiah. (6 mks)

(b)        Outline the religious situation in Judah during the time of prophet Jeremiah. (8 mks)

(c)        Relate the teachings situation in Judah during the time of prophet Jeremiah. (8 mks)

6.         (a)        Outline the Traditional African understanding of spirits.  (7 mks)

(b)        Discuss seven distinguishing features of Traditional African communities  (7 mks)

(c)        What are the consequences of neglecting widows and orphans in Kenya today? ( 6mks)


Review your working through the marking scheme link below


how to tattoo


KCSE CRE P1-001 Marking Scheme



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