2012 KCSE History and Government Rev P 1 -121027Q

28 Oct

History and Government
Paper 1
2½ hours

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
History and Government
Paper 1

Instructions to Candidates
(a)    This paper consists of three sections A, B and C.
(b)    Answer all questions in section A, three from Section B and two from Section C.


1.    Define the term archaeology.                            (1 mk)

2.    Give two steps Kenya has taken to remedy food shortage.            (2 mks)

3.    State two functions of the council of elders among the Abagusii.        (2 mks)

4.    Mention one main factor that made it possible for Arab traders to come to the Kenyan coast before the 19th century.                                (1 mk)

5.    Give two ways in which an individual’s freedom of expression is limited.    (2 mks)

6.    State one way in which education has contributed to national integration.    (2 mks)

7.    State two challenges that faced the constitution review process in Kenya.    (2 mks)

8.    Identify two provisions of the independent constitution of Kenya.        (2 mks)

9.    Give one reason why the colonial government introduced the local government in colonial Kenya.                                        (1 mk)

10.    Mention two ways in which the colonial government controls African migration to the urban centres.                                        (2 mks)

11.    State one contribution of African women towards the development of political parties in Kenya before 1939.                                (1 mk)

12.    Give one contribution of Wangare Maathai to national development in Kenya.    (1 mk)

13.    State two factors to be considered in changing county boundaries.        (2 mks)

14.    Give one main function of correctional service in Kenya.            (1 mk)

15.    Mention one social achievement of Nyayoism in Kenya’s development.    (1 mks)

16.    State two principles of Land policy in Kenya today.                (2 mks)

17.    (a)    Trace the migration pattern of Eastern Bantu into Kenya in the pre-colonial period.                                                (5 mks)

(b)    Describe the political organization of the Mijikenda in the pre-colonial period. (10 mks)

18.    (a)    Give three reasons for Wanga collaboration.                    (3 mks)

(b)    Explain six results of the Wanga collaboration with the British.        (12 mks)

19.    (a)    State three ways in which colonial land policies in Kenya undermined African farming.                                                (3 mks)

(b)    Explain six roles of political parties in the struggle for independence between 1945 –
1963.                                        (12 mks)

20.    (a)    Examine factors that have hampered Kenya’s industrial progress since independence.                                                (7 mks)

(b)    Describe the political development in Kenya since independence.        (8 mks)


21.    (a)    State three functions of the senate in Kenya.                    (3 mks)

(b)    Explain six stages of the Law making process in Kenya.            (12 mks)

22.    (a)    State the composition of the organs of national security in Kenya.        (3 mks)

(b)    Explain six challenges facing the National Intelligence Service in Kenya.    (12 mks)

23.    (a)    Give five objectives of devolution of government.                (5 mks)

(b)    Explain five main sources of revenue for county governments in Kenya.    (10 mks)
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Marking scheme the above History paper



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