KCSE CRE PAPER 1-140601-1Q

02 Jun


Answer any five of the given questions.
All answers must be written in the Answer Booklet provided.
All questions carry equal Marks.

1. (a) Write the five poetry books in the Bible (5 Mks)
(b) Why is the Bible referred to as the word of God and yet it was written by beings (8 Mks)
(c) Show seven ways in which Christians can use their talents to spread the word of God (7Mks)

2. (a) Describe the making of the Sinai Covenant between the Israelites and God (7 Mks)
(b) State eight ways in which God cared for the Israelites in the wilderness (8 Mks)
(c) Give 5 ways in which errant members are rehabilitated in churches today (5 Mks)

3. (a) Outline six promises that God gave to King David through prophet Nathan (6 Mks)
(b) State seven ways in which David promoted the worship of Yahweh in Israel (7 Mks)
(c) Write seven ways in which Christians enhance true worship of God today (7 Mks)

4. (a) State the 5 visions of Amos (5 Mks)
(b) State 6 reasons why Amos condemned the worship of the Israelites (6 Mks)
(c) Show 9 ways in which todays pastors and priests are similar to Old Testament prophets in
their work (9 Mks)

5. (a) Describe the fall of Jerusalem according to Jeremiah Chapter 39 (7 Mks)
(b) Give 4 differences between Jeremiah’s new covenant and the Sinaitic covenant (8 Mks)
(c) Identify 5 ways in which a Christian can avoid God’s punishment (5 Mks)

6. (a) Give 5 forms of marriage in African traditional societies (5 Mks)
(b) Explain the importance of marriage in Africa traditional societies (8 Mks)
(c) State three reasons why divorce was rare in traditional African societies (7 Mks)

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CRE140601-1Q _Marking Scheme

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