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This paper consists of three sections A, B and C
Answer all the questions in section A three questions from section B and two questions from section C.

SECTION A (25 Mks)
Answer all the questions in this section in the answer booklet provided
1. Identify two unwritten sources of Kenyan History. 2 Mks
2. Name two groups of people that form the Coastal Bantu. 2 Mks
3. State one function of the age – set system among the Abagusii in the pre- colonial period. 1 Mk
4. Give any two Greco-Roman records which give early history of East African Coast. 2 Mks
5. State two negative effects of Indian Ocean trade on Kenyan people. 2 Mks
6. State two special interest groups that participated in the scramble of Kenya. 2 Mks
7. Identify two ways in which colonial land policies promoted settler Agriculture. 2 Mks
8. State two arguments advanced by the colonial Government in denying African academic education. 2 Mks
9. Name the missionary who took over the leadership of young Kavirondo Association on 1924. 1 Mk
10. Name two women who actively participated in the Mau Mau movement during the colonial period in Kenya 2 Mks
11. Give the name of the colonial secretary who presided over the second Lancaster house conference in 1962. 1 Mk
12. State any two elector regulations that govern elections in Kenya 2 Mks
13. Name two types of government expenditure in Kenya 2 Mks
14. State one function of the Kadhis court. 1 Mk
15. Name one local authority that is responsible for the administration of rural areas. 1 Mk

SECTION B (45 Mks)
Answer any three questions from this section in the answer booklet provided
16. a. Give functions of the council of elders among the Maasai in the pre-colonial period. 3 Mks
b. Describe the political organization of the Luo during the pre-colonial period in Kenya. 12 Mks
17. a. State three factors that led to the abolition of slave trade in East Africa. 3 Mks
b. Explain six positive consequence of long distance trade before the colonial period. 12 Mks
18. a. State three characteristics of independent church movement during the colonial period. 3 Mks
b. Explain the factors that influenced the formation of political organization and movements in
Kenya after 1945. 12 Mks
19. a. What factors led to the introduction of multi-party democracy in Kenya in 1992. 5 Mks
b. Explain how the existence of many parties has benefited the people of Kenya. 10 Mks

SECTION C (30 Mks)
Answer any two questions from this section in the answer booklet provided
20. a. State three political duties of a Kenyan citizen. 3Mks
b. Explain six instances when the rights of a person to own property can be limited in Kenya. 3Mks
21. a. State the functions of a constitution in Kenya. 5 Mks
b. Explain the duties of prison wardens in Kenya. 10 Mks

22. a. Give any three sources of revenue for local authorities in Kenya. 3 Mks
b. Explain five measures that the government of Kenya has taken to ensure that public funds are
used properly.
12 Mks


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