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Islamic Religious Education

2012 KCSE IRE REV p2 -120918Q

2012 KCSE IRE REV p2 -120918Q






NAME ……………………………………………… CLASS …………INDEX NO………..

This paper consists of six questions.

            Answer any five questions on the foolscaps provided.

1 a)     Give any six basic beliefs and principles of Islamic morality.                         (6mks)

b)      State ways in which            a Muslim should conserve the physical environment.   (6mks)

c)      Explain the measures to be taken to discourage the Muslim youth from

the consumption of miraa.                                                                                               (8mks)

2 a)     Give six Islamic teachings   towards  treatment of parents.                              (6mks)

b)       State the unlawful acts in trade.                                                                           (6mks)

c)      Discuss the significance of Wasiya.                                                                    (8mks)

3 a)     Give factors that may invalidate  an Islamic contract.                                         (6mks)

b)      Explain effects of child abuse.                                                                               (7mks)

c)      Describe how the family unit acts as a bedrock of the Muslim society.         (7mks)

4 a)     Outline Umar bin Khattab’s  achievements.                                                       (10mks)

b)     Explain five challenges faced by Abubakar Assidiq.                                         (5mks)

c)     Describe the features of administration of the Ummayads.                               (5mks)

5 a)     State the positive contributions brought about by Islamization in

the   East Coast of African.                                                                          (5mks)

b)     Give factors that helped in the spread of Islam in Mumias in the

Nineteenth century.                                                                                                  (5mks)

c)      Discuss the achievements of Prophet Muhammad. (P.b.u.h).                                   (10mks)

6 a)      State six Ibn Sina’s  contributions  to Islam.                                                      (6mks)

b)       Describe Sheikh Uthman Dan Fodio’s administrative structure.                    (6mks)

c)       Give reasons for the rise of Jamaa in Hausaland under Uthman Dan Fodio.(8mks)

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2012 KCSE REV IRE P1-120918Q

2012 KCSE IRE P1 REV -120918Q






NAME ……………………………………………… CLASS …………INDEX NO………..

This paper consists of six questions.

Answer any five questions on the foolscaps provided.

1 a) State the themes mentioned in Madina Surahs.                                            (5mks)

b)  Outline the benefits of translating the Quran form one language to another.(5mks)

c)   Discuss the significance of standardization of the Quran.                             (10mks)

2 a)  State the teachings, of the last verses of Al-Baqara (Q2:2284-286)              (7mks)

b)  Outline the role played by Caliph Uthman in standardizing the Quran.         (6mks)

c)  Why  is the Quran considered as the final and perfect revelation.?              (7mks)

3 a)  Give reasons why hadith could not be compiled  before the prophet’s death. (5mks)

b)  Why does Islam consider work as a  from of Ibadah?                                         (5mks)

c)  Discuss the differences between Hadith Qudsi and the holy Quran.             (10mks)

4 a)  What is sijdat Sahwi?                                                                                                  (5mks)

b)  Give reasons why pilgrims visit Madina during Hajj.                                           (5mks)

c)  Discuss the significance of Swalatul Jamaa.                                                      (10mks)

5 a)   Differentiate between Hajj and Umra.                                                                    (8mks)

b)  Explain the significance of the holy month of Ramadhan.                               (12mks)

6a)  Give reasons for the need of divine guidance.                                                     (7mks)

b)   State the characteristics of Allah’s Angels.                                                                       (7mks)

c)   Explain the Islamic teachings on Adl (divine justice)                                           (6mks)

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