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Management overview

If you have ever tried to get much concerning educational administrative zone but failed then you are in the right path now.
To start with, what do you understand by the term management?
Management refers to activities which are concerned with:
1.       Formulation of objectives, plans and policies for the collective organisation or enterprise
2.       Assembling human resources, money, materials, machines and methods for their accomplishment
3.       Directing and motivating the concerned at work
4.       Supervising and controlling performance
5.       Securing maximum satisfaction for both bosses and juniors and providing the public with best possible services
All the cited must be placed in an organisation.  This is structure of relationship among individuals.  In our case we will direct our attention to schools.  With their adherence purpose of educational goals, management materials are here to load with the process of guiding, directing and unifying human efforts and activities for the realization of definite educational results.

Taken as extracts, count yourself fortunate as those who attended heads’ clinics/workshops.  I believe without flapping your wings, you are well placed to know what is behind the closed doors of the academic administrators.  Not all in administrative posts are open to educate those believed to be beneath them and therefore dwindled in the current status without the slightest clue what awaits him or her in a demanding situation.

When heading to desired pages we must put it down candidly that we are all managers in some way!  Your management calls for rational (logical), intellectual (thinking) and continuous process to make things occur as total entity.


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