Management of non-teaching staff

Management of Non-teaching Staff

Non-teaching staff plays and important role in schools and as such, their recruitment and management should be streamlined so as to ensure efficient and effective delivery of the services they render.

These are some of the non-teaching staff you may have listed

•         Watchmen

•         Grounds men

•         Bursars

•         Accounts Clerk

•         Typists

•         Clerical Officers.

•         School Nurse

•         Matrons

•         Cooks

•         Messengers

How do you manage non-teaching staff in your school with reference to:-

i.            Recruitment

•                     Declare vacant posts through advertisement stating the qualifications required for the post.

ii)            Selection

•            Go through the application.

•            Short-list applicants according to their qualification, seniority and experience.

iii)            Appointment

Letters are sent to the successful candidates informing them of the date of appointment, terms and conditions of service and duties to be performed.

iv)            Induction

•            Clarifying the objectives of the assigned duties.

•            Giving a schedule of activities.

v)            Training and Development

•            Undertake Training Needs Assessments (TNA) in order to ensure that performance gaps are revealed and addressed through appropriate training.

vi)            Appraisal and Motivation

•            Review regularly the performance of duty by staff.

•            Paying staff salaries on time.

•            Revising the terms and conditions of service whenever the need arises.

•            Taking staff for refresher courses



How do principals motivate the workers in view of Free Secondary Education with respect to delayed Free Secondary Education fund?


2 responses to “Management of non-teaching staff

  1. Dan nyagaya

    December 12, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    the goverment should employ non-teaching staff on pensionable terms


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