Management of stress


Stress is inevitable in life.  It is a demand that is placed on an individual by work or personal environment.  Stress is an everyday in the work force or an organization.

What is Stress?

It’s a physical condition characterized by pressure, tension and worry resulting from challenging situations in one’s life.  There are two types of stress.

Eu-stress (Positive Stress)

This is a stress that is containable /manageable.  It provides stimulation/motivation to meet challenges.

It is essential to development, growth and change.

•         Helps you to make your life enjoyable & interesting.

Distress (Negative Stress)

•         It is a reaction to some type of pressure either external or self induced (internal) which prompts physiological changes of an undesirable nature.

•         Makes you anxious, susceptible (vulnerable).

•         Dampens your spirit and shortens your life.

Some of the issues that stress Principals.

•         Poor planning of development projects which may end up stalling.

•         Teaching and non-teaching staff members who may be indiscipline, incompetent or untrustworthy.

•         Undisciplined students leading to frequent strikes, riots and unrest in the schools.

•         Natural calamities, such as strong winds and floods which may destroy school property.

•         Having too many commitments which may interfere with the Principals work.

•         Enrolment of pupils with low marks to achieve 70% transition.

Causes of stress in FSE (Free Secondary Education)

►   Uncooperative BOG

►   Undisciplined students

►   Late disbursement of FSE funds

►   Complaints from teachers who are overloaded

►   Complaints from teachers who are overloaded

►   Over enrolment. (Stressed Facilities)

►   Non-payment of fees

►   Ministerial guidelines e.g. Release of certificates

Symptoms of Stress

Stress can manifest itself in different ways:

Psychological, behavioral or physiological


•         Irritability

•         Anger

•         Anxiety

•         Withdrawal

•         Depression

•         Pessimism

•         Disruption of the thinking process


•         Lack of sleep

•         Excessive drinking

•         Excessive eating

•         Lateness


•         Ulcers

•         Diarrhea

•         Impotence

•         Falling hair

•         Skin rashes

•         High blood pressure

•         Headache and muscle tension

How to Cope with Stress

•         Plan your work example school projects should be planned in such a way that each project is completed before the school embarks on another

•         Have limits and always set achievable goals for yourself and for the school.

•         Avoid unnecessary competition as this can lead to anxiety and excessive tension.

•         Create time for leisure so as to escape from the pressure of life.

•         Be a positive person, learn to appreciate things you like in other people, as well as giving yourself credit where it is due.

•         Learnt to tolerate and to forgive in order to avoid being frustrated and angry.

•         Get regular physical exercises.

•         Face problems and try to solve them.

•         Talk of your problems to a friend, member of the clergy, counselor or psychotherapist.

•         Eat well balanced diet.

•         Get enough sleep.

•         Follow guidelines on Ministerial Free Secondary Education Vote heads


A student has just lost a loved one and yet he or she is just about to do exams.  How would you assist such a student?


2 responses to “Management of stress

  1. Ogony David

    September 7, 2015 at 8:49 pm

    The student should adapt to lyf with eternal friends of which she/he will trust 4eva lyk books.

  2. John Muga Okuku

    May 16, 2017 at 6:28 am

    Be stress free


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