Management of students


Students are core in the existence of an institution.  Student management is therefore extremely important in management of the institutions and its success.

Ways of Managing Students

School rules and regulations

•         Rules are vital and important in student management and school management.

•         Staff and Principals should be in agreement on the type of punishment that is to be given when school rules are broken.

What are Characteristics of Effective School Rules?

A well run school should:-

•         Depend on few but clearly understood rules.

•         Rules should be easy to follow

•         Should be agreed upon.

•         Discipline process should endow pupils/students with self respect integrity which should be carried into adult life.

•         Students should be custodians of discipline themselves such that they are the first to disapprove of those who break the rules.

•         Appointment of a focused prefect body will strengthen this self government.

•         The school should clearly define the powers of the prefects to avoid conflicts.


In what ways could a contribution be made to cope up with the emerging students unrest in the Free Secondary Education.

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