Motivation in Secondary Schools


Experts on management have observed that people in their work place like to:

►   Feel that their work is regarded as important – they do not like to be idle.

►   Be praised for what they have done, but not to be blamed – they fear to admit mistakes in public.

►   Know what their supervisors think about their work – they feel encouraged when their knowledge of a subject is appreciated.

►   Be consulted when there are changes to be made in there organization.

►   Have a leader who is able to listen and to welcome suggestions:

Sympathize with personal problems and give advice; show justice in dealing with problems concerning relations between staff; give respect to all workers, whether in low or high positions on the organization; say ‘thank you’ when good work is done and also admit mistakes.

•         Feel secure in their job – nobody wants to work in a place where they feel they are not wanted; or where they are threatened with dismissal.

•         The Principals/SMCs (School management committees) can use the above observations to see how best they can motivate their teachers to work harder for the betterment of their schools.

Team building


A team – A team is a group of people who work together for a common purpose.  Members of a team share goals and values.

Team Building

Team building refers to the ways that you as Principals members may use to enable individuals in your school to work together.

Identifying different teams in a school situation.

Teams Include:-

•         Principals members

•         Teacher’s welfare club

•         Students clubs

•         Support staff

Importance of working with the teams for general welfare of the school

The importance of teams to their members should be:-

•         Team members get an opportunity to develop themselves as per the goals of the school.

•         Individual team members learn to approach their peers for assistance and consequently improve on their effectiveness.

•         Team members feel part and parcel of the school and will work towards its success.

•         It enables team members to arrive at decision by consensus.

•         Sharing of responsibilities is enhanced.

•         Individual talents and abilities are recognized and exploited.

•         Team work fosters unity in the school.

•         Individual group members have an opportunity to share their problems.

•         Characteristics.

•         Participation of all group members.

•         Harmony and co-operation in the group.

•         Trust among the group members

•         Flexibility

•         Respect for one another.

•         Sense of belonging and ownership

•         Role of Principals in promoting team building.

•         Motivate and support all existing teams in the school without discrimination

•         Where important teams are not existing in a school the Principals/SMCs should facilitate their formation and nurture their growth.

•         Principals/SMCs to be role models of enhancing team work.

•         Organize meetings/get-together parties for the difference teams.


What incentives does your school undertake to ensure there is unbiased motivation of teachers, non-teaching staff and learners?

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  1. Gachai Benson Kinya

    April 3, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    Is a good advice on how to make a good teamwork and am happy for reading these part and feel like i get the better information for better life. Thank.

  2. maurice nthia

    September 5, 2013 at 7:14 am

    it waz helpful


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