CRE140601-2Q Marking Scheme

Marking Scheme
1. (a) How Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah about the messiah (8 marks)
– He was filled by the Holy spirit
– He bore the sins of the human race.
– He submissively bore suffering/ disgrace.
– He was despised /rejected.
– Was a man of sorrow and grief.
– He acknowledged that He is the messiah in His preaching in Nazareth.
– He was pierced and wounded.
– He appeared before the Sanhedrin/ Pirate judgment.
– He was crucified with thieves.
– Was buried in a rich man’s tomb.
– Through Him God’s everlasting kingdom was established.
– He was without sin/holy
– Through Jesus many have been forgiven/saved
– Was born of a virgin woman/divine birth.
– Born from the lineage of David
– Is a wonderful counselor/ prince of peace. He established justice on earth.
– He is almighty
– Jesus was exalted/made great.
– He delivered Israel by dying on the cross/crucified. 8 x 1= 8 marks.

(b) Seven expectations of the Jews about the messiah (7 marks)
– To come from the house of David
– To be favored in the rule of messiah
– A political king to overthrow the colonial rulers Roman.
– Messianic kingdom would be temporary just like that of Romans but more powerful.
– Cosmic signs would precede establishment of the kingdom Luke 21: 25-26;
– He would come after the return of Elijah.
– He would not associate with the poor, sinners, and Gentiles.
– He would perform miracles.
– He would be accomplished through God’s judgment on Israel’s enemies 7 x 1 = 7 marks

(c) Five occasions when angels are mentioned in Saint Luke’s gospel (5 marks)
– Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary during annunciation to the birth of Jesus.
– Appeared to Joseph when informing him about the conception of Mary
– Appeared to the shepherd during the birth of Jesus
– The Angels sing in heaven after the birth of Jesus
– The Angels sing in heaven after the birth of Jesus
– The Angel appeared to Jesus during praying in Gethsemane
– The Angel appeared the two women after the resurrection of Jesus
– Appeared to Zechariah to announce the birth of John 5 x 1 = 5 marks

2. (a) Explain Eight ways in which John the Baptist prepared the way for the messiah (8 marks)
– He announced that the messiah was about to come and that a new age had come.
– He urged the Jews to repent and prepare themselves by living according to Gods law
– He baptized those who repented by immersing them in River Jordan
– Warned the Jews on coming judgment not to rely on their ancestry
– Encouraged the rich to share the wealth with the poor
– Advised soldiers not to rob or terrorize anyone
– Advised people not to bear false witness against their fellowmen
– Tax collectors not to collect more than expected
– Told the Jews that he was not the Messiah but forerunners
– He introduced Jesus as lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world
– He rebuked Herod for his immoral behavior
– Told the Jews that the Messiah would baptize with fire and Holy spirit 8 x 1 = 8 marks

(b) Give six reasons why Jesus was baptized (6 marks)
– To approve the work of John
– To fulfill old testament scriptures
– To receive Holy spirit
– For God to declare that he was his blood son
– Final acceptance of his saving mission
– It was a sign of his death and resurrection
– Identify himself with sinful people he had come to save.
– It was an old tradition in Israel. 6 x1 = 6 marks

(c) Give six ways in which the church prepares for Parousia (6 marks)
– Having unwavering faith / trust in God
– Living righteous ( pious life) exemplary life
– Being prayerful / fasting
– Preaching the gospel
– Condemning evils in the society
– Reading the Bible / Christian literatures
– Baptism / repentance
– Fellowship / sharing word of God
– Forgiving others
– Helping poor and needy in the society
– Enduring sufferings / hardships
– Obey God’s commandments
– Giving tithes /offering 6 x 1 = 6 marks

3. (a) From the life and ministry of Jesus state seven ways on how he promoted social justice and equality
(7 marks)
– Was born of ordinary peasants parents
– Was born in a manger
– His birth first revealed to shepherds who were first to visit him
– Was wrapped in swaddling clothes
– He underwent Jewish rituals like any other person
– As a child he lived assisting his parents
– He was baptized by John the Baptist just like any other person who was sinful
– He picked his disciples from low class i.e. fishermen
– He preached to all walks of people in the society
– He called everybody to repent
– He used parables from daily life
– He performed miracles in discriminatively everywhere to everybody
– He interacted with sinners and outcasts i.e. adulterous woman and Zacchaeus
– He worked for women who were despised in Jewish customs e.g. widow of Nain, Mary Magdalene
– He was crucified with criminals and suffered death on cross for the sins of human kind
7 x 1 = 7 marks
(b) Outline six teachings of Jesus on the cost of discipleship (6 marks)
– Should be able to carry the cross
– Should be able to sacrifice personal ambition/ worldly possessions/ self denial
– Should give first priority to God ( duty to God primary goal)
– Should repent / abandon their sins
– Help the needy / sick/ suffering in the society
– Maintain the zeal to follow Jesus
– Be committed / dedicated to the service of God
– Detach oneself from worldly relations
– Should endure suffering 6 x 1 = 6 marks

(c) Give seven ways in which the church has tried to improve the life of women in Kenya (7 marks)
– Providing them with education
– Sensitizing women on their rights
– Training them and encouraging them to take leadership roles
– Ordaining them as pastors/ elders/ reverends / bishops
– Giving them work of guidance and counseling
– Condemning all discrimination against women/ diminishing women
– Praying and preaching for their rights
– Building schools to get education
– Establishment of projects to improve them from economic hardships
– Printing literature on the plight of women
– The church urges the Government to improve the women welfare
– Rehabilitating those with life problems like prostitution, drugs addictions 7 x 1 = 7 marks

4. (a) What does the manner of Jesus entry into Jerusalem reveal about Him and His Kingdom? (7 marks)
– Jesus is a triumphant and victorious king
– The donkey was a symbol of humility and peace hence a peaceful and humble king
– He was not an earthly king
– Jesus was the promised messiah
– He was greeted as a king, the same way kings were greeted with acclamation and joy
– By riding on a donkey Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Zachariah
– Jesus kingdom is for the least an the lost
– God’s kingdom is a kingdom of peace
– Jesus is a humble king and his kingdom is for the humble
– God’s kingdom is for the righteous 7 x 1 = 7 marks

(b) Identify seven ways in which the Jewish leaders ensured that Jesus was arrested and put to death (7 marks)
– Paid Judas to betray Jesus for them
– Labeled false accusation against him
– Jesus was tried hurriedly over the night (one day)
– They organized crowds to shout for his condemnation
– Demanded release of Barabbas (criminal) instead of Jesus
– Demanded Jesus crucifixion
– On the cross Jesus was pierced at the ribs to ensure he dies. 7 x 1 = 7 marks

(c) Outline 6 possible problems faced by Gospel preachers today (6 marks)
– Rejection
– Oppositions
– Lack of funds
– False accusation
– Material deficiencies
– Rivalry among Christians denominations
– Poor transport network
– Lack of support from fellow Christians
– Disunity among Christian leaders
– Intimidation / influence by politicians
– Generation gap. 6 x 1 = 6 marks

5. (a) Explain 8 causes of disunity in the church of Corinth (8 marks)
– Formation of splinter groups under different leaders
– Problem of dressing
– Eating meat given to idols
– Different on idea of resurrection
– Misuse of Lord’s supper
– Sexual immorality
– Dispute over marriage and divorce
– Taking one another to courts of law. 8 x 1 = 8 marks

(b) Mention six reasons that have caused split of the church in Kenya today (6 marks)
– Misinterpretation of scriptures
– Leadership wrangles
– Tribalism and other forms of discriminations
– Issue on appointment of women as leaders
– Disagreement on whether to interpret some African cultural practices or not
– Inability to agree on aspects of worshipping e.g. speaking in tongues
– Freedom of worship
– Misuse of church funds and other resources
– Superiority complex major churches 6 x 1 = 6 marks

(c) Give six reasons why Christians should participate in the law reform process in Kenya (6 marks)
– Exercise their democratic rights , citizenship/ demonstrate patriotism it is Christian duty
– To ensure that just law are enacted to avoid unjust/ oppressive/ bad law
– To ensure that quality leadership is achieved
– It is a service to humanity
– It is a sign of accountability
– It show a sense of unity in a nation/ building / collective responsibility
– It helps in development of the whole person/ complete
– It is an opportunity to infuse Christian principle in the law of this nation e.g freedom of worship
– It’s a Christian moral right. 6 x 1 = 6 marks

6. (a) Outline six ways in which Christians use leisure to glorify God (6 marks)
– In worship e.g. praying
– Doing works of charity e.g. helping the needy
– Relaxing with friends and friends
– Spreading the word of God
– For developments of community projects
– Fellowshipping with others
– Singing for the Lord
– Reading the Bible
– Counseling the distressed 6 x 1 = 6 marks

(b) Give seven effects of alcoholism and drug abuse on society (7 marks)
– Mismanagement of family resources
– Domestic violence
– Loss of one’s job
– Separation and divorce
– Sickness and diseases / death
– Sexual immorality
– Increase in crimes
– Dropping out of school for students
– Loss or respect
– Overburdening the family egg paying for rehabilitation of the victim
– Contracting of STIs and HIV/ AIDS. 6 x 1 = 6 marks

(c) Explain seven reasons why minors are sexually abused in Kenya today (7 marks)
– Permissiveness
– Lack of self control
– Influence of the mass media
– Mental illness/ stress/ drug and substance influence
– Erosion of the African culture/ moral values
– False religion/ devil worship/ strange cults
– To avenge for oneself
– Breakdown of religious values
– Irresponsible parenthood
– Indecent dressing
– Leniency of the law
– Idleness
– Poverty / unemployment. 7 x 1 = 7 marks

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