Marking Scheme
1 a) Identify literary styles of writing used in the bible (8mks)

i. legislative texts – Leviticus
ii. wise saying – proverbs
iii. prophetic speeches – Jeremiah
iv. prayers – Nehemiah
v. Love song – Song of Songs
vi. Religious epic – exodus
vii. Philosophical essay – Job
viii. Epistles – James
ix. Gospels – Luke

b) Name six deuteron canonical books found in the bible (6mks)

i. Tobit
ii. Judith
iii. 1&2 Maccabees
iv. Ecclesiastics
v. Book of wisdom
vi. Baruch
vii. Esdra

c) Describe various ways in which some people misuse the Bible today (6mks)

i. Swearing by it and yet telling lies
ii. Misinterpreting certain scriptures/lead people astray e.g. telling them the world is ending on a given date.
iii. Quoting the Bible to justify their wrong doing
iv. Quoting isolated scriptures to justify their authority.
v. Misinterpreting certain areas to cause fear among people/criticism instead of correction
vi. Pronouncing curses on others using it.
vii. Misinterpreting certain scriptures to exploit others financially.

Any other relevant point

2 a) Explain the roles of judges in Israel. (7mks)

i. Anointed the first two kings
ii. Judged people
iii. He foretold what would happen to the Israelites in future.
iv. Reminded people of God’s will.
v. Acted as mediator between God and the people.
vi. He condemned social injustices/corruption
vii. Made king Saul know his mistakes
viii. He preached against idolatry.
ix. He offered sacrifices.
Any other relevant point

b) With reference to king Saul of Israel explain four lessons that Christian learn from his failures. (8mks)

i. Christian must have faith in God/ patience is virtue.
ii. Christian respect people’s position/ responsibilities
iii. Christian must exercise control of their lust/ greed.
iv. God is pleased with obedience /observance of the law.
v. Leader to carry out their duties responsibility / be accountable for their action
vi. Christian must not consult medium / witch doctor / fortune teller / sorcerers etc
vii. Christian must respect themselves and other people.
viii. Avoid evil deeds / thoughts (e.g. murder hatred jealousy etc.
Any other relevant point well explained.

c) What are the five lessons that Christians can learn from the incidence when the Israelites worshipped the golden calf. (5mks)

i. Christian learns that God is the only one to be worshipped.
ii. Christian should have faith in god who is unseen
iii. God should not be represented in any kind of image.
iv. Christian should remind themselves of teaching of God by reading his words
v. Christian should not be swayed by others to do contrally to the commandment of God.
vi. Christian resist the temptation to worship modern idols e.g. money sex and power.
vii. God hates sin / punishes sin
Any other relevant point

3 a) Give five ways in which King David showed repentance for his sins (5mks)

i. David admitted / acknowledged that he had sin against God.
ii. He fasted so as to seek God’s forgiveness
iii. David wore sack cloth to show his remorsefulness
iv. Smeared his body with ashes
v. He secluded himself from the people by staying indoors
vi. He spend his nights laying on floor.
Any other relevant point

b) Outline the signs used by Elijah to prove that Yahweh was a true God (8mks)

i. Prophecy of the three year drought.
ii. Raising of the widow’s sin from the death
iii. He was fed by ravens while in the wilderness.
iv. Thunder on Mt. Horeb
v. Provision of five for his sacrifice.
vi. Rain afterwards / end of drought.
vii. Small still voice
viii. Provision of oil flour to the widow of Zarephath.
ix. Raised up to heaven by whirl wind.
x. Furious wind that split the hills and splitters the rock
xi. Earthquake and fine on Mt. Horeb
Any other relevant point

c) State the factors that challenge leadership in the modern world. (7mks)

i. Leadership wrangles / people fight to occupy leadership post.
ii. Bad advisors / leader are mislead by those they trust as advisor.
iii. Rebelliousness from the general public/ little respect for the law.
iv. External threat / dependence on security from foreign nation.
v. Lack of clear guidelines on the system of government / leadership to be used.
vi. Ignorance / lack of knowledge.
vii. Inadequate leadership qualities
viii. Public high expectation from those who lead them.
Any other relevant point

4 a) How did prophet Jeremiah fulfill the characteristics of Old Testament prophet. (7mks)

i. Received his call from god as expect of Old Testament prophet.
ii. Jeremiah accepted his call
iii. Was brave / courageous / face men of authority without fear.
iv. Mediated between God and Israelites
v. He used signs / symbol during his prophetic work to communicate God’s message to the people.
vi. Jeremiah had visions during his call.
vii. Jeremiah stood for the covenant way of life
viii. He foretold future happening
ix. He was God’s spokesman
x. He met apposition / rejected by his own people.
Any other relevant point
b) Identify the factor that prompted prophet Jeremiah to give the sermon at the temple. (7mks)

i. Shading innocent blood by King Jehoakim
ii. People practiced baal worship
iii. Child sacrifice was rampant.
iv. People lived hypocritical lives and tried to cover up their sins through formal worship.
v. Pagan idols were set up in the temple.
vi. People were swearing in Yahweh’s name
vii. Temple prostitution was rampant
viii. The people were persecuting Yahweh’s prophets.
Any other relevant point

c) What problems is the church in Kenya encountering in carrying out its prophetic mission? (6mks)
i. Lack of funds to venture into new mission areas.
ii. Poor infrastructure which makes it impossible to reach some remote areas.
iii. Hostility / opposition by some people.
iv. Lack of unity among some various denomination
v. Lack of understanding / doubting some people.
vi. Sometimes preachers are threatened by death / some have been killed.
vii. Different interpretation of the prophetic mission of the church by different denomination
viii. Harsh climatic condition
ix. Inadequate personnel / man power.
x. Problem of language of communication barrier/telecommunication
Any other relevant point

5 a) Describe how Amos background was relevant to his future career. (8mks)

i. Amos was an ordinary person from a modest family background which proved that God would use any person regardless of status to fulfill his task.
ii. Amos was a shepherd who owned huge flocks, knowing how to guide the flock prepared to guide a different kind of flock the Israelites.
iii. Amos was leader of other herdsmen, these was useful to him when he became a prophet.
iv. Amos was a cultivator of sycamore tree / farmer – these showed he was hardworking and could do more than one task at a time.
v. Amos came from Judah and was commission to prophecy in Israel, there provokes that the kingdom despite political division were still bond together by the covenant.
Any other relevant point

b) Identify six complains that the poor had about the Nobles when Nehemiah was governor in Judah. (6mks)

i. Experienced starvation because food was too expensive.
ii. Had to pay taxes to the king or allow their children to be enslaved.
iii. They had to mortgage their hand / houses to buy food.
iv. There was economic crisis due to population increase caused by the returned exile / strain social services.
v. The rich were growing richer, the poor poorer.
vi. They had to supply forced labour for the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem.
vii. The poor had to pay loan with a high interest rate.
Any other relevant point

c) State the factors that lead to the dispersion and displacement of people today. (6mks).

i. Tribal / Ethnic clashes / wars
ii. Land clashes
iii. Natural calamities e.g. drought, famine, flood epidemics.
iv. Political instability / committing political crimes like treason and coups.
v. Economic instability e.g. unemployment
vi. Religious persecution.
vii. Education people move in search of trade.
viii. Commercial activities – traders move widely / investments
Any other relevant point

6 a) Give the factors that have affected the traditional African responsibilities towards God’s spirit and ancestors. (7mks)

i. Employment: – one forced to move out of ones community employed.
ii. Formal education – emphasize on reading and writing and less on traditional education.
iii. Western culture – seen veneration of ancestors as barbaric and satanic
iv. Science has changed the African worldview of God’s Spirit and ancestors.
v. Money economy has influenced human life. Some people worship money
vi. Man depends on money more than God, thus there is less responsibility towards God.
vii. Introduction of the western system of government with new laws which have grouped different communities in a country thus reducing individual responsibility to God’s Spirit and ancestors
viii. Communication – led to greater social interaction between members of different communities.
ix. Christianity and Islam: people show more allegiance to these religious than traditional religions.
Any other relevant point

b) State six ways in which rainmakers acquire their skills (6mks)

i. Through fellow rainmaker / apprenticeship
ii. Studying the sky and noticing the charges.
iii. By learning to perform rainmaking rituals.
iv. By observing the habits of animals, insect and birds.
v. By studying the behaviour of trees and plants.
vi. By using common sense
vii. By using body sense.
Any other relevant point

c) Mention seven different occasions when songs were used in traditional African communitie. (7mks)

i. During festive season to show happiness.
ii. During marriages to praise the couple / welcome them to the new stage of life.
iii. In burial ceremonies to convey sadness of mourners / comfort the bereaved family.
iv. Initiates sang to drive away fear / encourage one another.
v. Elders sang while relaxing or passing time.
vi. In praise of outstanding character in the society.
vii. Mothers sang lullabies to help the baby sleep.
viii. War sang in praise of warrior / before and after the war.
ix. Songs were sung to pass time when people were working
x. To transmit historical facts of the communities / heroic characters.

Any other relevant point


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