Marking Scheme
1a) What were the Jewish expectations of the Messiah? (8mks)

i. will conquer the enemies of Israel as a military ruler
ii. will rule from the throne of David
iii. avenge the enemies of Israel/Romans
iv. would be born from a royal family/descendant of David
v. would lead Israel into political/economic prosperity
vi. appear in Jerusalem full of glory/rule the world from Jerusalem and receive home age from all nations
vii. was to appear after the return of Elijah
viii. would not associate with the poor/sinners/gentiles
ix. would uphold the mosaic law/Judaism
Any other relevant point

b) Identify six ways in which Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah about the Messiah. (6mks)

i. Jesus was born of a virgin through the Holy Spirit.
ii. He was called Emmanuel which means God with us.
iii. He was called wonderful counselor/Prince of peace/mighty God/everlasting father.
iv. He established Justice on earth
v. He bore the sins of human beings / was crucified for the sake of human beings
vi. Through him God’s everlasting kingdom was established.
vii. He was a man of sorrow and grief / passion of Jesus.
viii. He was crucified with thieves
ix. He was dispersed /rejected.
x. He was buried in a rich man tomb.
Any other relevant point

c) With reference to the two occasions, when Jesus was taken to the temple, what can Christian parents learn? (6mks)

i. Children belong to God / should dedicate them to him.
ii. Parent should listen carefully to what church leaders tell them about their children.
iii. Parent should follow the rules laid down by the churches to ensure their children one accepted
iv. They should teach their children God’s word just like Jesus parent did.
v. Should let their children accompany them to church.
vi. Should teach their children to respect the church leaders.
vii. Should instill confidence in their children so that they can approach church leaders for any questions/difficulties they may have.
Any other relevant point

2 a) How effective was the use of parables by Jesus. (7mks)

i. It was a popular method of teaching that time.
ii. It challenged his listeners and stimulated their imaginations.
iii. It minimized boredom and absent mindedness / captured their attention.
iv. It helped Jesus avoid direct conflict with Jewish leaders.
v. It was effective in making the listeners remember facts.
vi. It provoked listeners into critical thinking / easy understanding.
vii. It distinguished between serious seekers of the kingdom from idlers.
viii. It was effective in explain the unknown using the known.
Any other relevant point.
b) Give four reasons why the followers of Jesus were amazed at the way He taught. (8mks)

i. He taught with authority.
ii. He taught with authority.
iii. His teaching attracted great crowd.
iv. He had a lot of wisdom.
v. The teachings were spiced with miracles.
vi. Some of his teachings were unique / full of symbolizing.
vii. He taught by demonstration.
viii. He forgave sins which was believed to be God’s work.
ix. He exercised demons/drove unclean spirit.
Any other relevant point

c) Explain the lessons Christian learn from the parable of the mustard seed. (5mks)

i. The kingdom of God start from a humble beginning but spread all over the world.
ii. The mustard seed is the Kingdom of God which is invisible church on earth.
iii. The birds of the air symbolize how the nations of the entire world find refuge in the church of Christ.
iv. It teaches about the universality of the Kingdom of God.
v. The planter of the seed is Jesus who is the founder of the church.
vi. There is joy/plenty in Kingdom

Any other relevant point

3a) Narrate the parable of a friend at midnight Luke 11:5-13. (7mks)
i. A person had a friend visit at night.
ii. A friend comes and says led me three loaves of bread for a friend of mine has arrived on a journey.
iii. Have nothing to set before him.
iv. Do not bother me / the door is shut my children are in bed with me.
v. I cannot get up and give you anything.
vi. Jesus said though he will not get up and give him anything as a friend but because of persistence / importunity he will rise and give him what / he want.
vii. Jesus said ‘ask and it will be given to you / seek and you will find / knock and will be opened for you’.
viii. What father among you will give a snake instead of fish / give a scorpion instead of an egg.
ix. Give good gifts to your children like the heavenly father give the Holy Spirit those who ask.

b) Give six teachings of Jesus on discipleship. (6mks)

i. A disciple is the one who endure suffering / show perseverance in face of prosecution.
ii. Should have absolute faith / trust in God / not focus on world pleasure.
iii. Should love their enemies
iv. Should be obedient to Jesus teachings
v. Should implicate Jesus teaching
vi. Should exercise self criticism before judging others so as not to be hypocritical.
vii. Should show mercy / companion to others as God is compassionate without expecting anything on return.
viii. Should forgive those who wrong them.
ix. Pray for those who mistreat/ those who persecute them.
x. Any other relevant point

c) Why should a Christian observe Jesus’ teachings on the cost of discipleship? (7mks).
i. So as to preach the gospel and convert Non Christian.
ii. So as to get eternal life/ reward.
iii. To lead a holy life in the present evil world.
iv. In order to show faith in Jesus
v. To endure temptations.
vi. To learn to forgive.
vii. To courageously condemn evil.
viii. To remain humble.
ix. To deny oneself so as to help the needy
x. In order to show obedience to Christ.
Any other relevant point

4 a) Outline the events that took place at Jesus entry into Jerusalem
Luke 19:28-40. (7mks)
i. At Bethany he sent two disciples to the village.
ii. They were to untie a colt that had never been ridden.
iii. Instructed to tell whoever asks that the lord needed it.
iv. They found the colt as told by Jesus
v. They brought the colt / threw their sacks on it.
vi. They put Jesus on it and saddled him
vii. People put cloths / tree branches / palm branches on the road.
viii. The disciples praised Jesus /people shouted” God bless the king who comes in the name of the lord”
ix. The Pharisee asked Jesus to tell the disciples to keep quiet.
x. Jesus replied if they kept quiet, the stones would start shouting.
xi. He entered the temple area / drove away those trading in the temple area / my house is a house of prayer not a den of robbers.
Any other relevant point

b) State what the two disciples to Emmaus discussed about Jesus. (6mks)
i. Jesus was a prophet.
ii. He was a great leader / powerful in word.
iii. He was a miracle worker / powerful in deeds
iv. He was delivered to be condemned /crucified by the chief priests and the rulers.
v. He was a hope of Israel because he was going to redeem them/He was salvation of Israel.
vi. They believed Jesus was the Messiah
vii. Jesus had suffered and crucified.
viii. People / Holy women claimed he had resurrection.
Any other relevant point

4c) Explain how unity is demonstrated in Kenyan churches today. (7mks)

i. Christian meets for prayer and fellowship together.
ii. They meet on the day of worship to honor God.
iii. Christian celebrates the Holy Communion together.
iv. They help those who are poor or needy.
v. They solve problem affecting the church e.g. H.I.V & AIDS.
vi. They preach the same gospel of Jesus Christ.
vii. Christians accepts members to the church without discrimination.
viii. They meet for bible study to learn more about God’s Kingdom
ix. The unity of church is demonstrated through the work of Holy Spirit
x. They hold crusades and joint church services interdenominational prayers
xi. They cooperate by producing Christian messages in mass media.
Any other relevant point

5 a) Explain seven Christian teachings on marriage (7mks)
i. Marriage was instituted by God / created male and female and allowed them to marry.
ii. Marriage is for procreation/man and woman instructed to be fruitful and multiply
iii. Marriage is for companionship/partners each with a distinctive role
iv. Marriage is complete with or without children.
v. Marriage is should be monogamous
vi. Marriage is should be permanent
vii. Divorce /separation is discouraged.
viii. Based on mutual love faithfulness and respect between couples.
ix. Married partners have the duty to fulfill their conjugal rights.
x. Husband is the head in the marriage relationship as Christ is the head of the church.
xi. Marriage is not a must in the Christian teaching/ celibacy is allowed.
xii. It is an earthly affair. It ends with physical death.
Any other relevant point

b) Explain how the church can fight homosexuality. (5mks)
i. Oppose any change of state law that would legalize homosexuality in Kenya.
ii. State clearly in church constitution that marriage is between two people of opposite sex.
iii. Ordination of any church leader should be confirmed only to those whose family lifestyle is in line with the church doctrines.
iv. Advocate for serious application of law against homosexuality by government of Kenya
v. Provide external pastoral care / counseling to self confesses homosexuals
vi. Plan ways to rehabilitate the self confessed homosexuals
vii. teach on effects of homosexuality
Any other relevant point
c) Give the factors leading to misuse of leisure in the society. (8mks)
i. Lack of proper education / awareness / ignorance in the use of leisure.
ii. Some leisure activities are expensive /inappropriate to many people.
iii. Influence of mass media
iv. Misunderstanding in the family
v. Bad company / peer influence
vi. Failure to balance between passive and active leisure.
vii. Poverty / too much wealth
viii. Social oppression / injustices
ix. Lack of variety of leisure activities / failure to provide the facilities
x. Feeling of insecurity / oppress
xi. Poor planning leading to overindulgence
xii. There is the freedom to involve in leisure.
Any other relevant point

6 a) Show how science and technology has contributed to immorality in the modern society. (8mks)
i. Production of pornographic literature which has influenced people to copy immoral acts.
ii. Birth control methods encourages promiscuity
iii. Production of sex enhancing drugs e.g. Viagra / multiple partners.
iv. Immoral movies and video which shows erotic act.
v. A sex gadget promotes lesbianism, masturbation and masochism
vi. Knowledge of abortion encourages the act.
vii. Good transport systems has encouraged sex tourism
Any other relevant point

b) Explain six reasons why Christians are opposed to euthanasia (6mks)
i. It demise the sanctity of life / murder /only God can take away human life
ii. It destroys life that has potential that is yet unknown to the patient, doctor or family members / they are known cases of people who have survived after prolonged coma.
iii. Christian argues that those who suffer severe pain / incurable diseases should accept the condition humbly.
iv. Christian believes that one should seek God’s will instead of taking matters into their own hands.
v. Euthanasia discourages scientific research for cure of incurable ailments.
vi. Christian should love, care for and consol those who are depressed
vii. It denies friend, family and doctors the chance and blessing of showing love to those who are terminally ill.
viii. It discourages patients, makes them lose hope in life / feel rejected
ix. If allowed it is believed the cases of suicide will increase
x. May be misused for selfish reasons
Any other relevant point

6 c) Give ways through which Christians can help reduce pollution. (6mks)
i. They should have / encourage building of sound proof houses.
ii. Should use proper disposal of waste and rubbish.
iii. Avoid dumping industrial / domestic waste / provide rubbish bins in public places.
iv. Avoid listening to loud music
v. Avoiding / discourage smoking in public/provide smoking zones
vi. Educate the public on the need to conserve our water point / avoid bathing and washing in rivers and dams.
vii. Campaign against use of harmful insecticides, fertilizer and pesticides on land / encourage organic farming.
viii. Advocate for laws to be passed on the need to reduce noise from vehicle, entertainment, aircraft etc.
ix. Ensure that industrial, disco halls airport are located far from residential areas.
x. Support government effort to enforce the use of environment friendly fuel e.g. unleaded fuel.
Any other relevant point


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