CRE REVISION-Marking Scheme

Time: 2 ½ hours


1. (a) Citing relevant examples, identify seven literary forms used in the writing of the Bible (7mks)

i) Poetry e.g Psalms

ii) Wise saying e.g. proverbs

iii) Gospels e.g. St Luke

iv) Letters/epistles e.g. Colossians

v) Prophetic speeches e.g. Jeremiah

vi) Prayers e.g. Nehemia

vii) Philosophical essays e.g. Job

viii) Religious epics e.g exodus

ix) Legislative texts, eg Leviticus

x) Love songs e.g songs of Solomon (Any 7 points x 1mk=7mks)

b) With reference to the Genesis stories of creation, explain four teachings on the relationship between human beings and the environment (8mks)

i) Both were created by God/they have a common origin

ii) Human beings are superior to all other creatures

iii) Human beings take care of the environment/are stewards of the environment

iv) The rest of creation was made for human beings

v) Human beings should teat the rest of the environment with respect

vi) Human beings and environment are inter-dependent

vii) Human beings and the environment have a common destiny

viii) Human being are dependant on the environment (8×1=8mks)

c) Explain five ways in which the learning of C.R.E promotes national unity (5mks)

i) It promotes social cohesion, thus fighting various forms of discrimination ii) It helps one develop a critical mind and a philosophy of life by teaching love for all people.

iii) Students learn about their oneness in Christ, thus they value each other as brothers and sisters.

iv) Students learn to appreciate other people’s culture and religion.

v) Students learn values which promote unity e.g. love, loyalty, respect, etc vi) Students learn that human beings share origin and destiny and so are one.

c) State five importance of the Sinai covenant to the Israelites (5mks)

i) It guided them in their relationship with God showing them he was the only God to be worshipped.

ii) It reminded them that God was powerful and that is why they were freed from Egypt to come and worship him on Mt. Sinai

iii) It showed/taught them that God expected faith and obedience from them

iv) It also showed that God demand/expected personal relationship with him.

v) It showed that the Israelites had a moral obligation to be an example to the nations and show them that Yahweh was the only true God.

vi) It taught the Israelites on the need to relate well with one another.

vii) It enabled them live morally upright lives. (Any 5 points x 1mk = 5mks)

3. (a) Give the importance of David as an ancestors of Jesus Christ (6mks) · Jesus Christ was born from his lineage · It is prophesied that Jesus would be given the throne of David · Jesus was born in the city of David · Jesus’ genealogy is traced back to David in Luke · Jesus’ genecology is referred to as ” the son of David” by the blind man in Jericho · Peter referred to him as descendant of David on the day of Pentecost. Act 2:1

b) Describe how prophets Elijah fought against corruption in Israel. (1st Kings 21:1) (9mks) · King Ahab asked Naboth for his vineyard. · Naboth refused stating that it was an inheritance · Jezebel planned to have Naboth killed · Gave Ahab possession of the Vineyard of Naboth – where he had gone to take possession Say to him “Have you killed and also taken possession?’”· Thus say s the Lord in the place where dogs licked up the blood of Naboth, shall dogs lick your own blood. · God would utterly sweep from Ahab every male, bond or free, in Israel · He would make his house like the house of Jeroboam · Dogs shall eat Jezebel within the bounds of Jezreel. · Anyone who dies in the city will the eaten by dogs and anyone in the open country by birds of the air. · Ahab rent his clothes and fasted and sackcloth and lay · Because of his humility the punishment was postponed to his son’s day

5. a) Explain the symbolisms used during the call of prophet Jeremiah (6mks)

i) God touched Jeremiah’s mouth. This was to symbolize that God was the source of the message Jeremiah was to deliver.

ii) To uproot and to pull down, to destroy and overthrow. God would pass judgment on the nation of Judah and other nations/judgment would come to the people of Judah because of their unfaithfulness to the covenant way of life

iii) To build and to plant. There was still hope of the restoration of people Judah after exile.

iv) A branch of an almond tree that was bare-God was watching to see the fulfillment of the messages he gave to Jeremiah.

v) A pot of boiling facing away from the North and about to tilt towards Judah: God would use a nation from the North to bring judgment on the people of Judah because of their wickedness.

vi) A fortified city, A bronze wall and an iron pillar. God was going to protect him even though he was going to meet opposition.

(Any 6 well explained 6×1=6mks)

b) Outline the religious situation in Judah during the time of prophet Jeremiah.

i) The people of Judah had turned away from the worship of Yahweh

ii) Idols were found everywhere including in the Temple of Jerusalem

iii) The people of Judah were influenced by their neighboring countries to worship idols like Baal, Asherah, Molech, Chemosh

iv) There was intermarriage leading to foreign exchange and influence

v) King Josiah introduced religious reforms which Jeremiah supported

vi) The people of Judah continued to worship Yahweh alongside pagan gods/syncretism

vii) Human sacrifice was practiced by the people of Judah; Kind Manasseh sacrificed his own son.

viii) Religious hypocrisy was wide spread

ix) Consultation of the spirit of the dead/necromancy

x) A false prophecy e.g. Hanniah

xi) There was a false sense of security by the people of Judah in the temple and Jerusalem as God’s dwellings that could not be destroyed.

6. b) Discuss seven distinguishing features of Traditional African Communities. (7mks)

i) Occupy a specific geographical location

ii) Each ethnic community occupies land inherited from their ancestors indifferent geographical areas.

iii) They believe in common ancestry or origin. Each community traces its origin from a common ancestor e.g. The Agikuyu believe they are descendants of Gikuyu and Mumbi

iv) They have unique religious beliefs and practices which brings people together and provide a basis for moral values and judgment of human action

v)They are tied by strong kinship ties whether through blood or marriage.

vi) People’s attitudes and behaviors are governed by values, regulations and taboos that are strictly observed.

vii) Unique traditional education systems through stories, myths, songs and dances which prepared individuals to be responsible members of the community.

viii) Clear political organization consisting of leaders, religious specialists and elders who played different roles.

ix) African communities comprised of the living, the yet to be born and the departed

x) Unique language

xi) Unique/clear rites of passage.

c) What are the consequences of neglecting widows and orphans in Kenya today. (6mks)

i) Increase in the number of street children/families

ii) Abandonment of children by mothers who cannot take care of them

iii) Orphans drop out of school

iv) Increase in criminal activities

v) Depression and loss of self esteem on victims

vi) Increase in levels of child abuse

vii) Increase the suffering of children (physical, social emotional)

viii) Exploitation of widows and orphans by the members of the members of extended families

ix) Increase in prostitution by widows to earn a living


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